blk friday 001

TEAM G.H.M was out in full force this Thanksgiving holiday and the name of the mood was giving back to those that need it most! teaming up with various organizations including Joey Cuts and the Know Joey foundation, The Dream Bigger Foundation, The KC marching falcons and pythons and a various host of other small businesses and networks to help feed the homeless and misfortune. Helping to raise awareness TEAM G.H.M combined  a motorcade of powersport atv’s trailed by some of the hottest cars and trucks on todays streets with the marching drill team excellence of the falcons and pythons to put on a spectacle of events for the neighboring citizens and bystanders. The heightened awareness helped neighboring business owner joey cuts to collect over 600 turkeys and several truck loads of canned goods!

Continuing in the tradition of giving TEAM G.H.M  assisted in a youth basketball  event at a local Y.M.C.A where we took part in several events from playing ball to face painting!! A special interest was taken at half time where we p[resented the first annual box car race!! Kids put their minds and creativity to work by building cars out of ordinary boxes and racing them across the court and back , also there was a best car award giving for most creative and best looking car!



Our main goal is to give back when we can and to help another when in need. The kids of today is our future and for what we put into them will determine our outcome . Team G.H.M is committed to building tomorrows leaders !!

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